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Volume 1,  2003, No. 1

Greeting from the President of the World Gastroenterology Organisation
open document greetingfromthepresident.pdf
size: 45 kB
author: G. N. J. Tytgat

Intestinal bacteriaand inflammatory boweldisease
open document editorial.pdf
size: 47 kB
author: B. Fixa

The role of intestinal bacterial flora in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases.A two-component hypothesis
open document Medicalhypothesis.pdf
size: 71 kB
author: Z. Mařatka

Monitoring of levels of surface expression of Fas receptor and detection of somatic point mutationsin APC and K-ras genes in sequence adenoma-carcinoma in colorectal tumours
open document Sledovanihladin.pdf
size: 76 kB
author: M. Zavoral, P. Mináriková, L. Mináriková, M. Hrabíková,P. Hrabal, M. Minárik

Electrocardiographic changes in acute pancreatitis and their clinicalsignificance - Řehoř’s contribution
open document elektrokardiograficke.pdf
size: 81 kB
author: L. Chrobák

Sjögren’s syndrome - systemic autoimmune disease.Dentist’s, ophthalmologist’s and immunologist’s points of view
open document Sjogrenuvsyndrom.pdf
size: 492 kB
author: R. Slezák, E. Rencová, J. Krejsek

Jejunal metastasis of testicular seminoma presented with severegastrointestinal bleeding diagnosed by means of capsule endoscopy.
open document Jejunalmetastasis.pdf
size: 519 kB
author: I. Tachecí, S. Rejchrt, P. Rothröckel, A. Hlávka, J. Bureš

Transsection by means of needle sphincterotome followed by the unroofingtechnique for endoscopic therapy of a large colonic lipoma.
open document transsectionbymeans.pdf
size: 212 kB
author: J. Bureš, S. Rejchrt, M. Kopáčová

Information on the 12th United European Gastroenterology Week, UEGW 2004 in Prague
open document UEGW2004.pdf
size: 33 kB
author: J. Špičák

Postgraduate education: list of postgraduate courses organized by the Departmentof Gastroenterology, Postgraduate Medical Institute Praha (January to June 2004)
open document postgradualni.pdf
size: 32 kB
author: M. Zavoral

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