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Volume 4,  2006, No. 4

Editorial. Double-balloon enteroscopy. Will it soon become a new gold standard for small bowel imaging?
open document editorial.pdf
size: 28 kB
author: J. Bureš

Double-balloon enteroscopy. The first fifty investigations in the Czech Republic
open document kopacova.pdf
size: 2018 kB
author: M. Kopáčová, S. Rejchrt, I. Tachecí, J. Bureš

S-adenosylmethionin a játra
open document lotkova.pdf
size: 83 kB
author: H. Lotková, Z. Červinková, O. Kučera

Refeeding syndrome. Metabolic changes associated with overzealous nutrition reinstating in severely malnourished patients
open document bures.pdf
size: 84 kB
author: J. Bureš, M. Kopáčová, S. Rejchrt

Development of liver failure after 20 years of zinc sulfate administration in a patient with neurological phenotype of Wilson’s disease
open document hartleb.pdf
size: 43 kB
author: M. Hartleb, S. Sikora-Gruca, M. Stobiński, K. Roj, J. Kwapuliński

Ingestion of multiple magnets in a child with Down syndrome. A case report
open document tacheci.pdf
size: 322 kB
author: I. Tachecí, M. Králová, V. Osoha, J. Bureš

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