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Volume 3,  2005, Supplementum 1

Preface from the Guest-Editor: 10 years of liver transplantation in the IKEM
open document foliaS_spicak.pdf
size: 282 kB
author: J. Špičák

History of liver transplantation worldwide and in the Czech Republic
open document foliaS_filip.pdf
size: 140 kB
author: K. Filip

History of transplantations of intra-abdominal organs at IKEM Prague from a surgeon’s perspective
open document foliaS_adamec.pdf
size: 430 kB
author: M. Adamec, L. Janoušek

Ten-year results of liver transplantation program in IKEM, Prague
open document foliaS_trunecka.pdf
size: 200 kB
author: P. Trunečka, Š. Vítko, M. Adamec, J. Špičák, E. Kieslichová, J. Peregrin,

Ten-year experience with selection of candidates for waiting list for liver transplantation
open document foliaS_sperl.pdf
size: 61 kB
author: J. Šperl, P. Taimr

Results of liver transplantation in children at IKEM
open document foliaS_prchlik.pdf
size: 71 kB
author: M. Prchlík, P. Poulová, P. Trunečka

Progress in the treatment of portal hypertension
open document foliaS_hulek.pdf
size: 93 kB
author: P. Hůlek, T. Vaňásek, J. Lata, V. Šafka

The role of endoscopy in the programme of liver transplantation
open document foliaS_spicak.pdf
size: 282 kB
author: J. Špičák

The role of percutaneous procedures in the management of complications after liver transplantation
open document foliaS_peregrin.pdf
size: 582 kB
author: J. Peregrin

Assessment of perioperative hepatic function in liver transplantation
open document foliaS_kieslichova.pdf
size: 189 kB
author: E. Kieslichová, M. Ročeň, P. Trunečka, H. Paříková, P. Vychodil, J. Skibová

Cooperation of Slovak hepatology centres in liver transplantation at IKEM
open document foliaS_kupcova.pdf
size: 130 kB
author: V. Kupčová et al.

Liver transplantation pro hepatocellular cancer
open document foliaS_oliverius.pdf
size: 228 kB
author: M. Oliverius, P. Studeník

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