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Volume 4,  2006, No. 3

Editorial. Colorectal cancer screening in the Czech Republic
open document editorial.pdf
size: 59 kB
author: M. Zavoral

Secondary prevention of colorectal cancer
open document fric.pdf
size: 40 kB
author: P. Frič, M. Zavoral, B. Seifert, Š. Suchánek

Antibiotic prophylaxis in gastrointestinal endoscopy Review of major guidelines
open document elbaz.pdf
size: 91 kB
author: T. Elbaz, E. Pozlerová, S. Rejchrt

Porto-gastric fistula due to penetration of metallic coil into the stomach: a rare complication of endovascular treatment of gastric varices. A case report
open document kupkova.pdf
size: 244 kB
author: B. Kupková, T. Fejfar, A. Krajina, P. Hůlek, I. Tachecí, J. Bureš

4th Central European Gastroenterology Meeting, Visegrád 2006 Report on Meeting & Abstracts
open document szalay.pdf
size: 170 kB
author: F. Szalay et al.

First Central European Capsule Endoscopy Symposium, Visegrád 2006 Report on Symposium & Abstracts
open document racz.pdf
size: 125 kB
author: I. Rácz et al.

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